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Top Floor Apartment in Carlton – Credit Card Burglary

Many people won’t rent a ground floor apartment, not only because such apartments get less light and have less privacy but also because they view such properties as attracting a greater security risk. Certainly there is good reason for this – I been called to secure many ground or first floor apartments following a burglary for example:-

Ground Floor Apartment Burgled in Carlton
A ground floor apartment in Carlton was burgled whilst the occupants were at work. The burglars looked  in the windows and were able to see no one was home and confirmed this by ringing the front door bell.  It would have taken them less than a minute to quietly break a window as a truck rolled past, get into the apartment and grab the few small, easily saleable items of value that they left with. It happened in broad daylight on a Tuesday morning. No amount of deadlocks or window locks could prevented this robbery this was a good example where security screens, window bars or an alarm system was the only real solution.

First Floor Apartment Burglary – over the balcony
In an even more brazen robbery thieves emptied a first floor apartment of almost everything. The robbery happened like this is.

  • An apartment is advertised to rent as the current tenants moving out. An open house is held and many people visit the apartment. It is thought that at this point the burglars took the time to inspect the door to the balcony and saw it was not very secure.
  • The burglars probably made small talk with the current tenants to determine they were at work during the day.
  • The following week a removal van was driven down the driveway of the property and parked outside the side door. It is thought that one of the burglars climbed on top of the van and accessed the property by jumping onto the balcony and then simply walked in the unlocked balcony door.
  • The burglars then emptied the apartment of anything remotely of value. They even chatted with one of the neighbours who suspicions were not raised because the burglars knew the names of the tenants and the neighbour knew the tenants were in the process of moving so a removal truck emptying their apartment seemed completely reasonable.  

The thieves got away with over $20,000 worth of valuables.

The residents had provided easy access through an unlocked balcony door and by failing to properly deadlock their front door – I am not sure their insurance would have covered them either.  The solution was to add a much more secure locking system to the balcony door as well is a security screen from our friends at Bulleen Screens.

Okay – so these are some obvious examples of burglaries that only happened to the victims because their apartment was on the ground or first floor… But what about burglars that target top floor apartments?  The scary part about top floor burglary specialists is that they are unafraid to target apartment where the residents are at home – in fact such burglaries almost always occur when the residents are at home.

Professional thieves who target top floor apartments appreciate that whilst accessing the apartment may require a little more finesse than breaking a ground floor window or jumping a first-floor balcony… they can usually go about their business undisturbed.  If you are intending to rob an apartment by picking a lock the top floor apartment is your best choice.  It may take you some time to gain entry but there is little chance of being disturbed as the top floor apartments have no walk by traffic from higher floors.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking because you’re on the top floor of an apartment block that you need not deadlock your front door at night. I’ve seen apartments that have been accessed and emptied of valuables during the night with little more than a credit card.  These events would have been foiled by a locked deadlock.