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Locked out in Bundoora – at the wrong address

At Toplock, we follow a strict protocol of checking that the person we are opening the door for has a right of entry to the property. It would be a terrible thing to let a burglar, a violent ex or even just an old tenant into a home that they had no right to be in. 

I can’t tell you all the things we do to determine the right of a person to enter a property… but its an extensive list.  Suffice to say… a drivers license showing you live there is not enough.  Anyone can have a drivers license still showing their old address. It’s this extra checking that kept us out of strife in and emergency lockout job in Bundoora recently.

One of the guys arrived to find a rather drunk man waiting out the front of an apartment.  He was slurring his words and was looking pretty second hand.  Our guys know to treat such circumstances with caution… and in our line of business they are pretty common.  The gentleman in question had tried to open the front door to his apartment and couldn’t get the key to work… in the end he tried to force it and snapped his key off in the barrel.

He provided id showing he was the resident, we asked him a few background questions and on that basis, proceeded to gain entry to the property.  We didn’t however, simply leave once the door was open, we continued with the security check to ensure he had a right of entry.

As soon as we got the door open… we knew something was wrong.  He started walking around confused saying someone had broken in and taken his furniture….. and replaced it with someone elses!  We immediately knew what was going on.  Regardless his ID said this was his residence… it clearly wasn’t, so we convinced him to come back outside with us, we re-secured the property and then called the Police to advise what had happened.

At this point out new client had an epiphany  and realized he had moved 4 weeks before… and he was standing out the front of his OLD apartment.

You’d be surprised how often it happens.  Luckily out protocols for checking right of entry passed the test and though we had reason to allow entry initially, we prevented any harm coming as a result of his drunken mistake.

We gave him a lift home and cut him a new year from the piece we retrieved from the barrel of the lock we picked earlier.(It was his only key and it was either that, or replace the barrel).  Luckily for him, it all worked out.

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