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Plenty Locksmiths | Emergency Locksmith 1300 130 836

Toplock Locksmiths – Servicing Plenty

If you live in Plenty and suffer a locksmith emergency, call us at Toplock. If you’re locked out of your home or vehicle, can’t find your keys or need an unplanned lock change, we can help with a professional service at an affordable price. We’re on call 24/7/365, including public holidays. Whatever the emergency, we’ll be with you within an hour of receiving your call.

Our Plenty services include:

Emergency call-outs

  • We can help if you’re locked out of your home, office, factory or car .
  • If you need an emergency lock change or repair, we’ll be right with you.

Lockksmith services for buildings and cars

  • We can key or rekey your existing locks – just ask us
  • Do you need new locks? We’ll supply and install locks for all kinds of buildings
  • We can take care of your extra car key needs, with cutting and programming
  • We will open your safe if you can’t get into it, or change the combination or key
  • We’re experts when it comes to master key systems
  • Need new electronic access control systems? We can advise on installation or help with a malfunctioning one

You can trust us

For professional services at affordable prices, call 1300 130 836

Plenty is a semi-rural suburb in the outer region of Melbourne. If you live in this area you will still have the convenience of the central business district in Melbourne for shopping and even work, but your home will be in a more remote location and you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a county-style suburb. Plenty has lots of large housing lots, and these have their own unique security requirements.

Although residents may become relaxed about living in a quiet community, crime still exists, and large open houses are easy targets. Unlike inner city living, suburbs like Plenty can have houses that are so far apart, relying on neighbours to look out for you isn’t always a possibility.

Large houses and lots also have many entrances and intruders can easily walk around the property until they find an entrance that isn’t secure. Remember that even small windows can provide access for an intruder, even if you are too large to climb through them yourself. You will also need to consider glass and locks being smashed, and assess the security of your existing windows and doors.

Crime in Plenty
Crime in Plenty includes theft of belongings, vandalism of property, automobile theft and also personal attacks, even when people are in their own homes. Many crimes are not pre-planned, however criminals will take advantage of the situation if they notice that your house is not secured correctly, or that you are leaving belongings out in the open for them to access.

Security strategies for your home
As locksmiths in the Lower Plenty area, we can assist you in assessing the current security level of your property and developing a plan to upgrade your security, to ensure that it meets the crime demands of the local Melbourne area. There are many simple strategies that you can take to secure your property, including:

  • Changing locks on doors, and also windows. If your locks have been in place for a while, they may be damaged or not fixed correctly. Over time, you will need to replace locks with new ones, so ensure this is added to you housing maintenance routine. You should also change locks when you move into a new property as previous owners still may have keys to your buildings.
  • Install a safe. If you have very expensive items or important documents, you should consider installing a safe in your home. These can also protect your valuables from fire, not just theft. You can use a key, but also a combination lock for your safe.
  • Keep all of your belongings locked up, not lying around your yard. Tools and children’s toys laying around in the open could be attractive to some criminals, even though you may not think they look like valuables. Consider how much you paid for them, and how expensive they would be to replace. It could be much cheaper to lock them in a shed or a garage, and use specialist locking devices to keep the doors secure.
  • Use security lighting to prevent intruders from accessing your property. You may also consider an alarm system or video cameras for extra protection.
  • If you have a gate, make sure it is locked. There is no point having high fencing if it is easy to smash the lock or take the gate off its hinges.

As locksmiths in the Plenty area of Melbourne we are ready to help you secure your property and can also help with emergency locksmith services when your security system is damaged or failing in the middle of the night. We can help you get keys out of your car or your home and you’ll never be stuck again as we are ready to help you 24/7.