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We’ve all done it, looked high and low for the cars keys only to find them safe and secure, dangling from the ignition with all the doors locked. We’ve even arrived to find not only are the keys in the ignition, the engine is still running. With the advent of modern cars with systems in place to prevent such problems locking your keys in the car is becoming harder and harder, but at the same time we are seeing the advent or more complex problems such as:-

a. A transponder that will no longer transpond.

b. Transponder has fallen of the key chain. You have the car key, but not the transponder. Personally, I think there should be a law against drain grates in shopping center car parks, or at least a key catching safety net!

c. Central locking systems that due to a wiring problem, self lock when a door is slammed shut, whether the keys are safely our of the car or not.

Toplock Emergency Locksmith Melbourne can help with any and all of emergency lockout situations, even if it’s just a matter of your keys being locked in your car? We can help with that too! Please note that once we gain entry to your vehicle, you will need to provide adequate evidence that you are the rightful owner or driver of the vehicle before driving away.

Whilst being locked out of your car is frustrating and annoying, we can make it a little less painful by having someone on their way to assist you within minutes of your call. As soon as we get your call, we spring into action. We’ll scramble one of our mobile Locksmith’s immediately and before you can say “Oh no, the ice-cream in the shopping bags is going to melt!” we’ll be there and have you on your way.

So if you are locked out of your car and need an emergency locksmith there pronto call Toplock Emergency Locksmith Melbourne now on 1300 130 836.

If you are interested in a security system for your car or have a non emergency enquiry relating to car security, call our Northcote Office on 1300 130 836 during normal business hours.


Toplock Emergency Locksmith Melbourne Automotive Locksmith Services we provide:-

  1. Car Openings – if the key is lost or broken.
  2. On Site Key Cutting – to replace the lost or broken key
  3. Transponder Keys and Car Programming – on all makes and models, and at a price much cheaper than getting one from the vehicle manufacturer.