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Auto Security Tips


Auto thefts and burglaries in Melbourne are on the rise. Thieve are out there and they are looking for an easy target. Find out how you can protect yourself from becoming their next victim with these handy auto security tips from TopLock.

Never leave your keys in your car.

We’ve all left our keys in our car at some point – usually as an oversight. However, some drivers are in the habit of leaving their keys in their car at all times – which is an open invitation for thieves to drive away in it.

Never leave your running while unattended.

While this should be a no-brainier and is bad idea for lots of reasons, many people will leave their cars running while they go in a store, back into the house or run another quick errand. Again – this is an open invitation to thieves because it screams, “Easy target”.

Don’t leave credit cards, important papers or personally identifying information in the console or glove compartment of your car.

Once a thief gains access to your vehicle, he gains access to the contents – and the personal information contained therein – as well.

Don’t use key fobs that have your name and/or address written on them.

If you lose your keys and a thief finds them, having this kind of information written or printed on the fob tells the thief where to go – and more importantly, that he has access to whatever he finds there.

Keep valuables out of the car or hidden from view.

Always remove valuables from your car as soon as possible. Leaving things out on the seat or in the floor board attracts the eye of anyone who passes by. A thief can do a quick smash and grab by breaking the window and make off with you property in a flash. If you don’t have time to bring your valuables back home, put them in your trunk for safe-keeping – but remember to do so in a secluded area to avoid being seen by would-be thieves.

Don’t hide your spare car key on the car itself.

Anyone who is concerned with auto security in Melbourne needs to be aware that the thieves know all the hiding places for keys. So it’s never a good idea to hide your spare car key inside the gas door, on the car body or any where else on the vehicle. Give your spare key to a friend or relative that you trust and that can bring it to you in the event of a lockout.

Park your car in well-lit, closely monitored areas.

Thieves don’t like to be watched so avoid parking your car in dark, isolated places. Parking spots that are well-let, busy and has security cameras work well for deterring thieves.

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